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Adele is the perfect hot blonde! She also has the perfect body for ALS. Her measurements are 32a-27-32. She's only 20 years old and stands 5'5" high and weighs 110 pounds. It was a beautiful warm spring day so we were able to do a scene in the hot tub outside. Adele looked awesome in the ALS Bikini, and immediately wanted to bring one home. All the models have been going crazy for the bikinis lately - we've even been able to get a few to do a little something extra for the chance to have one. In Adele's case that was doing a peeing scene. At first she was a little hesitant, but after we bribed her with the bathing suit she gave it her best shot, although she was only able to "piddle" a little (as she put it). She was just too shy to let go all the way. Adele claimed that she had never used toys before, but she warmed up to all our special ALS items pretty quickly, including the ALS Rocket. She's a late bloomer in a lot of other ways too?even though she lost her virginity at 15, she held off giving her first blowjob until she was 19. She also only started shaving her pussy for this shoot with us. She says she likes guys, and likes to have sex as many times a day as possible. However, she just broke up with her boyfriend, so maybe she'll have an opportunity to live out her sexual fantasy of "meeting some girls with a guy friend and all start partying and getting intimate". When she isn't modeling or working as a sales associate she likes to do a lot of creative stuff like drawing, painting, listening to rock music, and making her own clothes. She loves the beach, chocolate, and tea and says she hates rude people, but we don't see how anyone could ever be rude to a sweetheart like Adele!

Adele is 21 years old. Her eyes are Green and the size of her breasts is Medium.
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