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Ashley is 20 years old, 5'6" tall and weighs 105 lbs. Ashley is currently a student and is a true sexaholic. She loves getting fucked and not just once but multiple times a day!! She was even arrested for public nudity when she strapped on a pair of rollerblades and skated down a busy street totally nude. Why did she do this? Because a friend dared her to do it. She would have kept going but the police stopped her after about 4 minutes. This is a totally true story! We really enjoyed shooting Ashley!! She did everything and despite how small she is she managed to insert some very large toys! She even did fisting! Ashley had an absolutely great attitude. She loves sex with women and men and depending on how popular she is we would gladly shoot her again (she wants to for sure). We shot her in this black beaded mesh top that she likes to wear out to Rock Concerts to see if the guys notice. As you might guess the guys flip out and there is always a big crowd around her. Ashley is crazy! She enjoys hard and alternative rock, guys, girls, sports, modeling, and anything fun (these are her exact words). Her measurements are 32A-21-32. Update: We caught up with Ashely a few years later for another another solo shoot and she looked better than ever! Update: ALS is pleased to bring back Ashley's entire first shoot, completely remastered to the highest quality standards possible! Enjoy! Update: This ALS favorite is back and better than ever with a whole new shoot! Standing 5'6" (165cm) tall and weighing 105 lbs (47kg), Ashley is a tiny girl with a huge sexual appetite! She has a wild and crazy side that she is not shy about, and ALS has had the privilege of working with Ashley a couple of times now; two solo shoots (1999 & 2003) as well as a girl-girl shoot with Lainey and on both of our Convention trips. Ashley is one of the sweetest, most down to Earth girls we have worked with and is a true nympho! She loves to have sex multiple times a day with guys or girls. She is also wild enough to do just about everything, from fisting to anal! For this shoot, we were able to crank out 6 photosets and 5 masturbation videos of Ashley, working her pussy to exhaustion! We also had our ALS Assistant Leighlani at the shoot and she and Ashley had a blast together; they are both intensely wild girls so we are sure you will enjoy seeing them together. Ashley has struggled with cancer for the past few years but has a very strong spirit and is determined not to give up the fight; we have tried to do our part and be as supportive as possible for her and Ashley has been reached out to by many of her fans including ALS members.

Ashley is 18 years old.
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