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Dawn was the last model we shot from our Czech 2003 trip. And this is a shoot that almost didn't happen. We were all scheduled and everybody was on the set and ready to go. But there was no model. So we waited 1 hour, 2 hours, while Petra (our agent) kept trying to call Dawn. Finally we got a hold of her and she was still sleeping. Man we were pissed. You can't be in this business and not run into a few flaky models from time to time. Apparently she had gone out partying and fucking the night before and did not get in until very, very late. Anyway Dawn finally showed up and it turned out to be a hot shoot. I just made sure the toys were a little bigger than normal ;-) Dawn is 22 years old, 5'2" (158 cm) tall, and weighs 106lbs (48Kg). She does a fair amount of modeling and also does some waitressing to make money during the slow periods. Dawn likes to swim and ride horses, and her favorite singer is Michael Jackson. For her fantasy she listed something very unusual. Her fantasy is to have twins. Dawn first had sex at the age of 14 and she really likes big guys. The bigger the better she told us. After about the first 15 minutes, and her pretty smile, we all forgot about her being so late, and it turned into another great shoot. Enjoy this cutie.

Dawn is 18 years old.
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