Dolly Darkley pics and videos


Czech 2008 Casting Assessment: Selected and Shot
Let me tell you about Dolly. When we saw Dolly, we all thought that she was really cute, she had a nice tight, firm body, and she had a great personality. Plus, she told us that she liked to be fisted. We immediately selected her and scheduled her for a day shoot. However, when she showed up to the shoot she had cut her hair, and for me, it ruined her appearance. We were not happy at all when we saw her at the shoot. There are samples of Dolly from her shoot for you to check out in the August 12th, 2008 Directors Blog entry. I was tempted to cancel the shoot when she arrived but it was one of those situations where we were all already there and had the location rented, so we might as well just shoot her.

Dolly Darkley is 21 years old and she comes from Czech Republic. Her hair are Black in color, her eyes are Brown and the size of her breasts is Small.
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