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Dori was the second model we had a chance to work with in Budapest and it was a trip! This 21-year-old beauty was shy, yet willing to try anything. Her pussy is so plump and juicy that you just want to dive in. Dori lives in Central Pest and loves to shop. Lucky for her, this is the best area of the city to live in if shopping is your forte! She also loves to dance to house music, work out and have sex. Dori is currently going to college in the city and is majoring in journalism. Dori was 16 when she first had sex and prefers men; although she said she would be willing to experiment with women. We got a lot of great shots of Dori; she really loved playing on the swing set because it reminded her of when she was a girl. She also got a kick out of all the crazy ALS toys we had. Dori even started to think like us - she was playing a game of chess with a friend and started to insert the King and Queen into her pussy. At 5' 5", she weighs 114lbs and her measurements are: 35-24-35.

Dori is 22 years old, she is Caucasian and she comes from Hungary. Her hair are Blonde in color, her eyes are Brown and the size of her breasts is Small.
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