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Faye Runaway is very new to nude modeling and we are one of the first companies to shoot her. She goes by the name of Faye Runaway because she has that look of a runaway street girl. Whatever it is about her, she is going to be a big hit. Faye has that indescribable look that screams fuck me. We would normally not select a model with this many tattoos but Faye's actually do not look bad. Plus when you see her from the front you are not overwhelmed by seeing too many tats. Faye is a super horny tiny girl - she has an insatiable appetite for having her pussy stuffed. We introduced her to fisting and Faye totally loved it. She amazed us because she is so tiny and yet she could insert huge objects. And if that were not enough, Faye loves anal so we shot her working her ass as well. It was pointed out to us that Faye has a very special pussy. Take a closer look; it is as if she has a 3rd set of inner pussy lips. We love this girl!! Faye is 19 years old, 5'4" tall and weights 105 lbs. When she is not modeling Faye works as an executive assistant for a public utilities company. However she has now started acting in music videos and with her modeling career taking off she plans on quitting this job shortly. You can see this video on youtube - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mtyhWo8qngk Go play it and you will see Faye. It is actually pretty good. Faye loves both men and women equally and just enjoys having sex - so it does not matter if it is a guy or girl. Her fantasy is to have sex while being tattooed. She loves the pleasure and pain combination. Faye plays guitar and enjoys fishing, writing, eating, and sleeping. She likes all kinds of music and wants to be in a famous band someday - playing grunge. Faye's measurements are 32A-24-33. Update: We first hooked up with Faye Runaway when she was very new to nude modeling. We loved working with her and during the shoot she dropped us the hint that she might not be in the adult biz for too long so we booked her for a second shoot. Our members loved Faye the 1st time we released her and we are sure she will be just as popular this go around. This shoot turned out fantastic and we are fortunate to have picked up 6 photosets and 4 masturbation videos, as well as a very unique combination photo & masturbation scene that was totally undirected and natural with some nice strip tease. We were all having a blast, we got to do some shooting outside and we even had our assistant Jimmy put a strap-on on his head to ram Faye's pussy; we could hardly keep from busting out laughing the whole time. After checking up on Faye later, she is no longer nude modeling anymore and isn't likely to ever return to the adult world (ALS Scan is one of the very few places you will get to see her!!). Unfortunately, she wasn't treated too well but now she has moved on and last we heard was working at an import furniture store; less money but she seemed to be much happier so we all wish her the best. Faye is a super sweet girl with a wonderful personality, plus she is a total nympho. One of our favorite things about her was how her pussy would always open up all on its own, hungry for cock. At the time of shooting, Faye was 19 years old, 5'4" tall and weighed 105 lbs. Her measurements were 32A-24-33. Her favorite fantasy is to have sex while being tattooed; she loves the pleasure and pain combination. Faye plays guitar and enjoys fishing, writing, eating, and sleeping. She likes all kinds of music and dreams of being in a famous band someday, playing grunge. Enjoy Faye Runaway as only ALS can present her!

Faye Runaway is 19 years old, she is Caucasian and she comes from United States. Her hair are Blonde in color, her eyes are Green and the size of her breasts is Small.
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