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ALS Presents Jana Cova as you have never seen her before. We just shot her and she did everything in full ALS Style. We first met Jana almost 3 years ago at one of our overseas model castings. At that time she was just beginning to pose nude and very nervous about even doing spread shots. We both agreed that our style of work would be a bit too much for her so we did not shoot her at that time. Then about 3 weeks ago, Jana called us and told us that she was now living in the States. She said that she really liked our work and had only heard great things about us from other models - she was finally ready for ALS. We cautioned her that she would be doing many things that she has never done before and Jana said," No problem, I am ready - bring it on." It turned out to be a great time and Jana truly enjoyed all of our wild toys and crazy insertions. We are the first to present Jana Cova doing the following: She conquered the ALS Rocket, did a full fisting scene with Katie, did a hot speculum scene, inverted bottle scene, pussy spreader scene and more. This is the real deal!! Jana Cova is 23 years old, 5'3" tall, and weighs only 100 lbs. She is a small girl. Jana enjoys reading books, driving her red Italian sports car, and jet skiing. Her favorite musical group is the Eagles. Jana is a very classy, elegant woman who truly appreciates good food, good wine, and good sex. She prefers gentle foreplay in the beginning, but when the fucking starts she likes it rough and hard. Jana does not really have any fantasies because she pretty much does everything she ever desires. She sees herself settling down in a few years and having some children. Jana first started having sex at the age of 15 with her boyfriend and started shaving her pussy 16. She gave her first blowjob at the age of 18. She prefers men over women but told us that she will NEVER do boy-girl shoots. So this is the most that you will ever see her do. We are sure you will enjoy what's to come.

Jana Cova is 22 years old, she is Caucasian and she comes from Czech Republic. Her hair are Blonde in color, her eyes are Blue and the size of her breasts is Medium.
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