Jane pics and videos


Jane is another ALS Scan find. We are the first company to ever shoot her and she did a great job for her first time in front of the camera. Jane's boyfriend has been an ALS fan for many years and he emailed me saying that he had this cute girlfriend that he would love to see shot ALS style. Now please understand that we get these kind of emails all the time and for the most part, beauty is in the eye of the beholder (if you know what I mean). As such we never really get too excited when we receive these kind of emails because they almost never meet our requirements. But as usual, we said "sure, email us some shots of her and we will take it from there". He sent in some pictures of Jane and we really liked them, she looked great! Jane lives in Hungary so that was not a problem as we shoot there on a regular basis so I told him to have Jane come to our casting (You may remember her casting shots from our Budapest 2006 casting bonus). Jane looked even better than she did in the pictures that her boyfriend had sent so we selected her for a shoot - this shoot. Jane was really nervous and shy at first but we laid our ALS charm on her and she relaxed and got real comfortable showing us her pussy and inserting the crazy ALS style objects. Jane was 20 years old at the time we shot her and she is a tiny girl standing 5'4" tall (164 cm) tall and weighing just 99 lbs (45 Kg). She started having sex around the age of 15 and began shaving her pussy when she was 14. Jane likes DJ music; Paul Van Dyke is her favorite DJ followed by DJ Tiesto. To relax, Jane totally loves doing crossword puzzles. She enjoys dancing and is a total animal lover, especially dogs.

Jane is 18 years old. Her hair are Red in color, her eyes are Brown and.
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