Kylie Richards pics and videos


Kylie Richards came to us by a recommendation from another photographer. He has been following ALS Scan for years and had just shot Kylie and thought that she would be a perfect fit for us. Well, he was right and he was wrong. I really enjoyed shooting Kylie Richards, and her pictures and video turned out incredible, as you will see. Her look is perfect for ALS Scan but her pussy was a little too tight for what we prefer. She did many of our standard ALS toys (like purple spreaders, panty stuffing, bananas and cucumbers) but she was unable to do others and she did not want to try the speculum. Kylie is an example of a model that fears the gynecologist and was not comfortable with the speculum. So we offered her up the ALS Rocket and she could not get that in past the pussy muscle. Do not despair, for what she lacked in big toys she more than made up for in energy and hot video masturbations. You can tell how much fun she was having at the shoot by looking at the sample pictures below. She tried her best and that is all we can ask - not all pussies are created equal :-). Kylie Richards is a student in college as well as a fitness assistant. She does model occasionally but has not done a huge amount of adult work. Kylie is 21 years old, 5'8" tall, and weighs 122 lbs. Her measurements are 33AA-26-34. When she is not working, Kylie enjoys listening to Rock music and dancing. She also has a great sense of humor. One of the questions that we ask on our biography form is "Age I lost my virginity". She answered "Today" :-)

Kylie Richards is 21 years old, she is Caucasian and she comes from United States. Her hair are Blonde in color, her eyes are Green and the size of her breasts is Small.
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