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Margarita is a musician and she is really quite talented. She plays the piano, sings and has actually made money performing in wine bars. We did not have a piano at hand so we shot a set with her playing the guitar (Close enough I guess). She has a nice, tight, tiny body and is very popular with the guys due to her outgoing and friendly attitude. Margarita was agreeable to anything and was an easy model to shoot. Currently she is a student in college and is almost about to graduate. She uses her modeling money to help pay the bills and remain independent from her parents. Margarita is 23 years old, stands 5'3" tall (162cm) and weighs 97 lbs (44Kg). Her Measurements are: 34B-24-34 (86-60-86 cm). I think Margarita is a pretty conservative girl though and here is why: on her bio sheet she said she lost her virginity when she was 16 and started shaving her pussy when she was 19. She also listed "May 2005" as the age she gave her first blowjob. Why would she wait sooo long to give her first blowjob? Hmmm?.it's not because she likes girls more because she told us that she prefers guys. Anyway, here she is and we think she is a cutie. Margarita likes all music except for Metal and her fantasy is to have sex in an elevator. Enjoy!

Margarita is 24 years old, she is Hispanic and she comes from United States. Her hair are Blonde in color, her eyes are Green and the size of her breasts is Small.
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