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Monique is 19 years old and new to the business. Don't let her sweet look fool you!! As you will see from her shoot, she was willing to try anything we threw her way :) Monique lives in Northern California and loves to party. She likes all kinds of sports but is especially into swimming and snow boarding. Monique's real passion is music... she listens to everything from rap to rock and even sings! Unfortunately, she wouldn't sing for us...she was too embarrassed??!! She was really into trying to turn us on at the shoot with her sexy body and wide open pussy. Monique didn't know her own measurements, but she knew that she is 5' 5" tall and weighs 101 pounds. She first had sex when she turned 16 and now she can't get enough!

Monique is 18 years old and she comes from Ukraine. Her hair are Brown in color, her eyes are Brown and the size of her breasts is Medium.
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