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Nadia Taylor is a wonderful addition to our lineup of ALS Scan models and we are one of the first companies to present her. She has it all - the perfect tiny body, a gorgeous smile, super hot tits, and the biggest, most beautiful butterfly pussy lips we have seen since ALS Model Joanne. At first Nadia was a little uncomfortable about her big pussy lips but we set her straight on that and now she realizes how special they are. We stretched and pulled them to the max at this shoot. And the one feature about Nadia that drove our photographer and crew nuts was her super high pussy slit. Nadia has the highest pussy slit we have ever seen - it is amazing!! She is one of our photographer's personal favorites. This girl is the complete package, and has a wonderful sweet personality to boot. Don't let her small body fool you either, as Nadia's pussy happily took our assistant's hand all the way to her wrist. We all had a great time at the shoot and are already planning future work with her. Nadia Taylor is just 18 years old and stands a mere 5'1" tall. She weighs only 95 lbs. Her measurements are 32B-25-32. Nadia has been modeling (fashion with clothes) since she was 9 years old. We asked her why she decided to get into nude modeling and she told us that she loves the excitement of it. The energy on the set is a high like no other, plus the thought of millions of guys getting off to her body is a great turn-on. Nadia loves sex and said she does nude modeling because she enjoys it and not for the money - so we tested her on this and paid her only $1 for the shoot ;-). Nadia is very active in sports and loves to play soccer, baseball, softball, and tackle football. Her musical tastes are very diverse, as she likes Rock, Rap, Country, Pop, and Dance. Nadia does hate one thing - Spiders. We promise that you will be seeing LOTS of Nadia on ALS Scan, and right now, this is probably the ONLY place where you will find Nadia Taylor. Update: ALS Scan Members love Nadia Taylor, so we are pleased to be releasing her second ALS shoot for all to enjoy! We were one of the first if not THE first companies to ever have the pleasure of working with Nadia, and we were also lucky enough to shoot her in a girl-girl shoot with her good friend Paris Parker. We loved her sweet personality, sexy body, and amazingly high pussy slit so we took her with us overseas to be our female assistant in Budapest as well as work in this second solo shoot. Even having only been sexually active for three short years prior to hooking up with us, Nadia is extremely talented (probably from her experiences in main stream modeling) and this 18-year-old hottie needs constant satisfaction, telling us she likes sex 3-5 times daily, preferring guys over girls. She also noted her sexual fantasy is to be double teamed by two guys. She even put "sex" as the only response for "Likes". Outside of modeling, sex, and working as a teacher, Nadia also enjoys soccer, baseball, and softball, which is why we think she has such a great body :). Nadia is 5'1" tall (155cm) and weighs 98lbs (44kg); her measurements are 32B-25-32 (81B-63-81cm). ALS Members wanted more so we delivered; enjoy Nadia Taylor Shoot #2!

Nadia Taylor is 18 years old, she is Caucasian and she comes from United States. Her hair are Brown in color, her eyes are Green and the size of her breasts is Medium.
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