Noemi pics and videos


We first hooked up with Noemi (pronounced "no-amy") on our Budapest 2001 trip, check out her casting pic. We really liked her look but unfortunately we couldn't schedule her for a full photoshoot, but we did shoot a great masturbation video of her. After our Budapest trip, we didn't have much material of Noemi to release but then we were getting models for our Jamaica 2 trip, and Sandy who is also from Budapest thought she would make a hot addition. We agreed to give her a shot and we are so glad we did! Noemi, Sandy, and Kylie absolutely loved each other and the passion really shows on camera. The girls went crazy in front of full crowds of people and loved all the attention they were getting. After Jamaica 2, we definately wanted to get a full shoot of Noemi having seeing her in action, but once we tracked her down, she had gotten breast implants that just didn't look so great so we decided against it. Noemi is 19 years old, stands just 5'1" tall (155cm), and weighs about 100 lbs (45kg). We have a bunch of great pictures of her with Kylie and Sandy on our Jamaica 2 page. Enjoy!

Noemi is 19 years old, she is Caucasian and she comes from Hungary. Her hair are Blonde in color, her eyes are Blue and the size of her breasts is Medium.
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