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Czech 2010 Casting Assessment: Selected
Rihanna was another model that was instantly selected at the casting. This has never happened before. Usually, we like to get all of the models casted first before selecting them; however, as with Little Caprice and Anastasia, Rihanna immediately blew us away. Just take one look at her eyes and when she smiled, the room lit up!! Her eyes are so sexy you can just tell she wants to get fucked! We selected Rihanna for a full day shoot. This girl is amazing and her shoot was fantastic.

Shoot #1 Review / Bio:
During our last day of shooting in Brno, Czech, we had this lovely vixen Rihanna Samuel scheduled for the whole day. Everybody was in a great mood and despite calls for rain, it held off long enough for us to get some nice outdoor sets in. During this trip, we had Tanner Mayes along as our female assistant and she hit it off with Rihanna immediately. Like us, she was drawn to those sexy and stunning eyes. Looking into her eyes, you can just tell she wants to get fucked! When she smiled, she lit the whole room up. Rihanna was one of few models who made such a strong first impression at our casting, she was selected instantly, before we were even done taking pictures of her. That can be a risky move, but it worked out for the best and Rihanna's shoot turned out fantastic. Rihanna is just 19 years of age, stands 5'4" (163 cm) and weighs 114lb (52Kg); her measurements are 34B-25-35 (87B-63-88cm). She considers herself an introverted but reliable and hardworking person. When she is not modeling, she works as a waitress. She loves the adult industry because it gives her the opportunity to travel and learn new languages. In her free time, she likes going out drinking and dancing with friends. She started shaving her pussy at 13, but waited to become sexually active until she was 15. We had a blast working with Rihanna and are confident you guys will fall in love with her, too!

Rihanna Samuel is 18 years old, she is Caucasian. Her hair are Black in color, her eyes are Blue and the size of her breasts is Medium.
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