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In my eyes you'll see sparks the sunset ... A slight smile and thoughtfulness ... I know that beauty is sometimes difficult to see and sometimes itseems to be invisible. I know that only when something is lost canyou know its true value. I do not believe in fairytales, but I loveto hear them told. This is my time, this instant.The light expires from the sky as the sun slips behind the clowds andfalls to a place unknown.I love being in a crowd. I want to be part of the world. But thepeople in the crowd hardly see me.Facing the sunset, I enjoy its last rays.I must decide. Where will I go next? What will I be tomorrow? Whatmust I change in myself today?I am the cat that walks her own path. I know how to be every where andno where. I know how to purr sweetly purr. I know how to scratch.And I know when I must bite. I know when I should quietly sneak away.I know how crazy love can be and I know that love can be destroyed. Iam not a teacher of psychologhy, but I am able to read people. I loveorder, but in my room, I can not find anything. I love flowers, but Ido not know how to care for them. I like to talk, but I perfer toremain silent. I love to laugh and have fun, but I have often cried.I slam the door when I leave in anger, but I will always come back. Iknow that even the angels make mistakes, but I can not forgive myself.

Yvonne is 19 years old, she is Caucasian and she comes from Belarus. Her hair are Black in color, her eyes are Blue and the size of her breasts is Small.
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